The Fly Fishing Gear we recommend are Light long rods from 3# to 5#. Flashy, bright rods should be sprayed with a matt finish clear varnish to avoid the glint effect from the sun.

Fly Fishing Creek

Lines should give you the ability to cast quickly, yet be made able to mend without much disturbance. I find a floating double taper best for these requirements, however I have friends who insist a weight forward line is better. If  you are comfortable with casts the distance of your leader  up to fifteen meters, you should be capable of most fishing situations found on Monaro streams.

Tapered leaders to 9 feet plus a 3 foot tippet at least, (this is the shortest leader for windy conditions), up to 12 feet plus 6 foot tippet for clear conditions and large fish. Tippets generally from 6lb-3lb breaking strain. Hand tied leaders available on prior request.


should be dull and blend in with the surrounding environment. Advisable colors are drab green/olives and mid grays. Bright or contrasting colors are sure to put the fish down on your arrival to each pool.

Chris Holding Brown Trount

Chris Holding Brown Trount

Light weight hip or low waist waders give protection from sitting or lying on damp areas. As we fish from the banks the only time you get wet is in crossing the streams or landing a fish.  Neoprene waders are not recommended due to the heat.


Lightly weighted brown nymphs #12, and each of the following instar patterns, emergers, no hackle or sparsely palmered duns, black and spent spinners. #18 Baetis patterns, Termites, Midges, Caddis and Stoneflies plus terrestrials (black beetles, hoppers, ants, etc).


Polaroid sunglasses, Insect repellent, 15+ sunscreen, lip balm, rain jacket, wide brimmed hat, water drinking vessel, wader shoes or sturdy hiking boots  (most fishing is done from the bank).