Our Monaro Fly Fishing Tour Guides are experienced fly fishermen, there to show you the best fishing areas and to get you connected to the best possible fish for the prevalent conditions.  Our guides will tie knots, adjust leaders and carry food for the fisherman. We will also carry a range of flies tied to imitate insects found around the streams of the Monaro.

Once on the stream your guide will check for insects on the water and aquatic insects around the weed and under pebbles in the runs to give you an idea of what food the fish maybe “on”. It’s then up to you as to using your own fly or one supplied. Throughout the day they will be monitoring tree’s and grasses for other food that may be available to the fish.

Monty holding a Mighty Monaro Brown Trout

Monty holding a Mighty Monaro Brown Trout

Your guide will be walking the river polaroiding and finding fish or directing you as to the most probable lies. At times when an expected hatch is likely he’ll make sure your on the best pools or runs for the area you’re in  He will direct you in  most aspects if need be or let you do your own thing.

The most likely and exciting type of fishing is the team ambush technique. In this case the guide will position you where you won’t be seen by your quarry, and then himself in a position where he can spot the fish cruising back along it’s beat. This can be an extremely satisfying and rewarding way of fishing for both fisherman and guide.

This type of fishing requires “sharp shooting ” i.e. casting quickly to a position ahead of the fish. The ability to cast to a point quickly with few false casts gives you greater ascendancy.

Monaro Tour Guides

Our Tour Guides are experienced, knowledgeable and experts at Fly Fishing

Once hooked your guide will help in landing the fish with a soft mesh net. After being weighed, measured and photographed he will be released