Kungla Cottage is a three bedroom farm cottage situated on 400 acres at an elevation of  1190 meters,   located 300 meters from Kungla and Kydra Lakes.

Self contained and utillised as a central fishing location for the eastern streams of the Monaro region, Kungla cottage is an ideal spot to explore and fish the best Blue Ribbon streams mainland Australia has to offer. Being located on a high  rainfall area close to the edge of the escarpment of the Great Dividing range the diverse pristine environment lends itself to bush walking and general nature observation activities.

Based on the headwaters of the Numeralla river system, the lakes boast shorelines of 1000 meters and 890 meters and with 200 meters of stream connecting them means you don’t need to leave the property or the comfort of close by amenities. Continual improvement of the water ways including rocky reefs, placement of logs and other structure bring the fish feeding within easy casting distance with variety in insect activity and hatches. Access for the not so stable fishermen is not an issue making Monaro Fly Fishing Lodge an ideal location for all ages.

The lakes have been established for over forty years becoming naturalised with the surrounding environment. Shorelines vary with natural bush and open areas, mostly on an low gradient making for easy access to most fishable areas.

 Several Platypus can often be observed at any time of day in either water way. Also numerous bird species are found all year around.  The natural landscape gives protection from winds allowing fly fishing or relaxation close to the water.

Naturalists can walk in this secluded environment with the Great Dividing range escarpment being only hundreds of meters away. On the property bush walkers will be intrigued by the large granite boulders covered in mosses and lichen amongst the assortment of the larger trees. The diversity of flora and fauna fascinates the experienced bush walkers and nature lovers. Many native marsupials and a variety of bird life can be observed by the stealthy and experienced. Photographers are well catered for as you can imagine along with resident kangaroos, wombats, echidna’s. Quolls and Sugar gliders.

Situated on the top of the range at 1190 meters mountain bike riders can explore days of diverse tracks and trails. Preorganised trail rides can find you riding down the escarpment to the town of Bemboka, where you can be transported back to base with bikes in tow.

 Experiencing Australia’s Monaro Fly Fishing Lodge on “Kungla” will find you coming back time after time with the abundance of natural features we have to offer.

Stays will be tailored to your needs and wants, we fit in around your expectations.

Fresh food cooked to your liking and prepared by qualified and experienced cooks ensure you will not be disappointed. With the coastal fishing village of Bermagui close by and local knowledge of the best seafood available, along with the best and freshest local vegetables, you can rest assure of fine meals.